Community Art Quilt

See the completed quilt and banners at the library!

This project honors the spirit and good work of Trinh Pifer, whose dedication to community inspired the idea of a community quilt created by participants of all ages.

More than 100 quilt squares were sewn and donated to Matt and the C.A.A.D.Y. Corner Quilters. Led by Charlotte Wyche, the quilt group formulated the design and constructed the final quilt along with two additional banners. Participants ranged in age from six to 91 years old. With the addition of new sewing machines in the Ingenuity Engine and donated fabric, Matt held classes with the C.A.A.D.Y. volunteers and on his own for more than six months teaching people to sew their quilt squares. The participants learned how to create a disappearing nine-patch pattern and made their own design decisions resulting in various styles and patterns, each one unique.

Thank you to everyone that joined us to celebrate the completion of this community project at the unveiling of the quilt on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all participants that contributed to this project. If you made a quilt square, stop by the library to pick up a Stitch sticker and find your quilted square in the quilt.

Making the quilt.

The dedication and finished quilt revealed!