Carving Out Friendships and Beautiful Pieces of Art

Connected through their hobby, this talented group of wood carvers meets weekly at the Chelsea Senior Center. They were founded by Mary Ann Cumberly, and Jerry Chatfield joined her as co-leader in 2006. Various people have joined the group through the years. It’s not a group that dwells on formalities; everyone enjoys each other’s company during their meeting time, combining their love of carving with companionship. Many people in the group participate in carving workshops or attend the Wood Carvers Round Up in Evert, Michigan, in June.

During their regular meeting time at the Chelsea Senior Center on Friday mornings, conversations are light and the free popcorn is always an arm’s reach away. The carvers invite you to stop by on Friday mornings to see what the wood carvers are up to.

Meet the members of the group and see more of their artwork.

Jerry Chatfield

Jerry has been a wood carver for 48 years. He started with a wood carving class at Michigan State University in a 4H program. His specialty is deep and intricate relief caring, and he enjoys carving carousel horses. Jerry has taught wood carving seminars at Evart Wood Carving Round Up since 2007.

Rich Gurica

Rich started carving in 2008 with the Lenawee Wood Carvers at Clinton Fall Festival and credits Jerry Chatfield as his mentor. Rich enjoys all types of carving, especially capturing the details of fish.

Terry Marsh

Terry began his quest to learn to carve by thinking and planning how he would do it in his 50s. He put his thoughts into action when he started carving when he retired from his job in his 60s. The nativity shown on this page took him five years to complete. He carves walking sticks and relief carvings with set-in weather instruments. He is also working in a carving class and creating more carvings to expand his skills.

Malcolm Shaffner

Malcolm has been a carver for four years. He went to a carving seminar, and he was hooked on it! Malcolm also spends time carving with Floyd Rhadigan, an Internationally known character carver.

Tommy Tobias

Tommy began carving in his 50s when he picked up a knife and a piece of wood and made a fishing lure. Eventually, he joined the Saline Carvers and the Chelsea Senior Center carvers to carve and hang out with others with the same passion for carving.

Nancy Popp

Nancy started carving in 2014 and discovered she loved working with wood. She gives away most of her carvings as gifts.

Susan Rose

A new member to the group, Susan began carving in October of 2021. She enjoys making small carvings to give to friends, family members, and neighborhood children who enjoy the wooden items created from her developing talent. Her spirits are lifted by being around and sharing artistic ideas with the group.

Jim Edwards

Jim began carving approximately 12 years ago. His specialty is cutting intricate designs or faces into golf balls’ inner material and carving walking sticks. He also makes carving tool handles out of highly figured wood. He enjoys the company of all the carvers that meet on Friday mornings and looks forward to seeing their latest projects.

Bob Russell

Bob has been carving as a hobby for 40 years. His favorite carving material isn’t limited to one type, but he likes the variety of trying many different materials. For the past three years, Bob has carved holiday items for each of his grandchildren to paint. He also enjoys the camaraderie of carving with other people in the carvers’ group.

Lori Bies

Sue Walworth